Looking for a natural, and barefoot horse friendly stall bedding? 

Use Pea Gravel! 

Pea Gravel is a wonderful material to use as stall bedding and turn out footing.

  Right now you're probably asking yourself WHY use Pea Gravel in my barn.  Well, simply put, it is healthy for our horses in more ways than one, it's cost effective, and works wonders.

We are able to sell natural Pea Gravel for $27.80, which is by far the fairest price you will find in the Phoenix area.  We do not recommend unwashed/unscreened pea gravel for livestock use. 

What is Pea Gravel?


Pea gravel is a small somewhat rounded shaped stone that is approximately 3/8" in size.  It is a wonderful conditioning aid for horses’ feet. It stimulates the frog (increasing blood circulation by 90% - study by Robert M. Bowker, VMD, PhD, Michigan State University Equine Foot Laboratory), massages and toughens the sole, helps keep the hoof wall short on barefoot horses and eliminates thrush problems.   


It must feel good too because if you only have a small area of pea gravel, horses will competed over who gets to stand in it – it's like getting a foot massage.  Horses also love to bed down on the pea gravel as it provides a soft dry place to curl up or stretch out and the stones shift to conform to the horse's body.


The theory of using pea gravel in horse stalls and turnouts is to give hooves more varied and rougher footing and toughen up their feet naturally, approaching the conditions which keep wild horse's hooves strong, tough and self-maintaining. Pea gravel is being praised by farriers and barefoot trimming practitioners nationwide.


Not only is using pea gravel a way to maintain a healthy hoof, either with or without shoes, but it also aides in the transition from shoes to barefoot.  Click HERE for a perfect example of using pea gravel for this transition.


In addition to being 100% natural and healthy for our equine friends, pea gravel is also an incredible way to keep a clean and odor free barn.  It provides excellent drainage, will completely eliminate wet urine spots, thrush will be a thing of the past and it is dust free which is healthy for both humans and horses.  Pea gravel also makes our task of cleaning stalls much easier as it is similar to cleaning a big kitty litter box.  The pea gravel falls right through the manure fork.


I, myself, am a huge fan of pea gravel and I'm completely convinced that this is, by far, the best stall bedding product for our Southwestern region. 



How deep should the pea gravel be?


To be effective as horse bedding you need a 4" - 6" layer of pea gravel.  The deeper the material the more the stones are able to "do their job" and slightly shift while the horse is standing, walking and bedding down.  


How much Pea Gravel will you need?


To determine how many cubic yards of pea gravel you need for your area, use the calculator link below to convert your measurements.


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 Pea Gravel is cost effective!

Pea gravel is much more cost effective than shavings or any other form of stall bedding due to the simple fact that they only need to be put down once.  Shavings are expensive, have a way of "going away" and need to be replaced often.  Pea gravel will last you for years and years to come without any additional cost. 

How much does it cost?


We are able to sell screened and washed pea gravel for $27.80 per ton and which is by far the fairest price you will find (for natural pea gravel) in the Phoenix area.  We are horse owners providing services for horse owners and pass along any savings we obtain directly to you. 


Unwashed pea gravel is currently $25.80 per ton but we do not recommend this for livestock use.  We use the unwashed pea gravel for construction projects.


We sell only "true" pea gravel.  I've seen many people purchase pea gravel for their barn only to find out it's nothing but crushed river rock.  Crushed river rock will create huge problems for obvious reasons.


Side note on 6/2/09 - use caution when purchasing pea gravel.   It's been brought to our attention that several rock yards in the valley are selling "crushed river rock" and calling it Pea Gravel.  This is NOT the same product!  Crushed river rock can and will cause damage to your horses.   We would never deliver such a product to your home for equine or animal use.  

Do a quick Google search and see what other horse owners are saying about pea gravel!

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Located in Queen Creek, Arizona


Pea Gravel (screened and washed) is currently $27.80 per ton - includes local Queen Creek area delivery with 15 ton minimum.  This is the pea gravel we recommend for stall and turn out footing.  

Pea Gravel (unwashed) is currently $25.80 per ton - includes local Queen Creek delivery with 15 ton minimum.  Recommended for use in construction projects.

There is a 15 ton minimum on all deliveries.


First and foremost, we are horse owners building equine and livestock facilities for horse owners.  We understand your needs completely and provide 100% of the services required as a horse or ranch owner.

Our structures are not your standard pole barns/shades that you find elsewhere.  We simply will not use 16-18 gauge steel or 29-30 gauge roof decking for our shades and barns like so many other companies do.  We want your stucture to stand the test of time, which ours have proven to do. 

I can't count the number of times we've been called out to tear down and replace an existing structure (purchased from another company) that was constructed with 16 and 18 gauge steel.  16 and 18 gauge steel simply will not safely contain livestock and stand the test of time.   It will sag, bend and rust in a matter of months. 

Our structures are built to last a lifetime.

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 Located in Queen Creek, Arizona.

We are family owned and operated and know first hand what is required to safely contain your equine partner and livestock.

We provide both the design and construction of mare motels, corrals and livestock pens/stalls using only the best material available.  We pay attention to even the smallest of details and take great care to leave absolutely no sharp edges that could harm your livestock.

We take great pride in our superior workmanship on each and every one of our jobs


Keep your barn cool in the summer!

Did you know using Pea Gravel will keep our barns cooler in the brutal Arizona summers?  By hosing down your stalls each morning it will provide vital moisture to your horse's hooves AND cool down your barn.