First and foremost, we are horse owners building equine and livestock facilities for horse owners.  We understand your needs completely and provide 100% of the services required as a horse or ranch owner.

Our structures are not your standard pole barns/shades that you find elsewhere.  We simply will not use 16-18 gauge steel or 29-30 gauge roof decking for our shades and barns like so many other companies do.  We want your stucture to stand the test of time, which ours have proven to do. 

I can't count the number of times we've been called out to tear down and replace an existing structure (purchased from another company) that was constructed with 16 and 18 gauge steel.  16 and 18 gauge steel simply will not safely contain livestock and stand the test of time.   It will sag, bend and rust in a matter of months. 

Our structures are built to last a lifetime.

 Located in Queen Creek, Arizona.

We are family owned and operated and know first hand what is required to safely contain your equine partner and livestock.

We provide both the design and construction of mare motels, corrals and livestock pens/stalls using only the best material available.  We pay attention to even the smallest of details and take great care to leave absolutely no sharp edges that could harm your livestock.

We take great pride in our superior workmanship on each and every one of our jobs




 Located in San Tan Valley Arizona.  We provide the design and construction of  Mare Motels, Shedrows, Custom Horse Barns, Fencing, Shade Kits, Steel Buildings, etc.  We are family owned and operated.


Horse Stalls, Corrals,  Pea Gravel Stall Bedding, Decorative Landscape Granite and Rock, Pasture Discing, Laser Leveling, Grading, etc available as well. 

All at a fair and reasonable price! 


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 We provide the design and construction to fit ANY budget.  Guaranteed to meet or beat all competitor pricing.  Our structures are built to last a lifetime!


Below is a perfect example of our roof structures.  We do not build our roof structures with piping, yet use 13 gauge steel Cee-purlins.  All roof decking is heavy duty 26 gauge R-panel galvanized and is also available in the color of your choice


Below is a 4 stall Mare Motel with 1 stall left open and used as hay storage






  Contact Brett at (602) 421-2923 * Located in San Tan Valley, Arizona.